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Since "G.B.Pielli & C" was founded in Milan in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli to produce articles made of elastic rubber, the company has had a remarkable success story. Starting with the production of the first tires for velocipedes and carriages in 1894 and the opening of the first factory in Milan in 1873, the foundations were laid for further successes.

In 1901, the company started the production of car tyres. The constant technological development of the production processes and products, as well as the continuing commitment to motor racing, went hand in hand with the opening of further plants in other regions of the world such as Spain, Latin America and England.

During these years, motor racing gained an even higher priority for the company when the first Grand Prix of France was won by a car, fitted with Pirelli tires.

A further economic upturn was achieved by entering the US stock market and opening the first plant in Brazil.

Other technological milestones, were set by Pirelli, such as the development of the first Pirelli radial tire in 1953, the Cinturato, which provided greater safety, performance and resistance to wear.

Innovation and growth continued until the 1980s, when the first motorcycle radial tire was introduced.

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