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Paradise Roadshow, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Paradise Roadshow, Palm Springs, CA, USA

The idea to spend a weekend at the the Paradise Road Show, right inside the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs, CA, where everything is cool, colourful and vintage in a Hollywood kind of way filled our hearts with joy. Especially since we had been here before, when we drank it all in at the „Classic Car, Hot Rod & Motorcycle Show inspired by ’79 and older classics“, according to the organizers.

And what do you know: everything was cool, colourful and vintage in a Hollywood kind of way. The quirky Ace Hotel by itself with its two pools and the apartments around the courtyard is reason enough to come to Palm Springs. Throw in a dozen extra palm trees and loads of cool bikes and cars and you’re set for any type of instagramming and chopper magazine shooting conceivable.

Come Friday the venue filled up

with an assortment of the finest chopper classics and hot rods in the book. We had brought our MexiCali inspired Baja Twins, but had the feeling that they came over a tad too contemporary, with their (well-pre ’79) Shovelhead engines and their Peli cases - still, people gave ’em the thumbs up. The stealthy electric starters were the main talking point. Anyway, we had lots of time for some nerdy tech talk, as there wasn’t such a deadly rush like last time we were here. There were choppers, pools, architecture, style, people, weather, palm trees, weird camera angles, talk, talk and talk, and everything as nice as it gets. Only thing AWOL were some flamingos wading in the pools, which would have rounded off a perfect weekend.