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Old & Proud 22, Calafell, E

Old & Proud 22, Calafell, E

Take a crispy motto, some 600 motorcycles well past their sell-by date (pre 1984 bikes only, please), a few pallets of chilled drinks, lots of ice and a set of paella pans the size of volcanic crater lakes.

Let stew under the hot sun of Calafell/Spain for a long weekend and when you lift the lid you discover the appetizing smell of "Old & Proud".

For this feast, being served with the usual panache by Valencia Chopper Crew, Shovelhead Spain and Panhead Spain, diners descended on the La Cantera Bar, splendidly located in an abandoned quarry. "Old & Proud 4" was, as were the three preceding it, a feast for eyes and ears of connoisseurs of well aged two- and three-wheeled hardware out of Milwaukee, artfully blended together with the secret ingredients H and D.

Spicy and well seasoned

with some heavily electrified music and mind-opening fluids the weekend got quickly up to boiling point. The band stage on Friday was cooking with Jolly Joker and Hardbone, and on Saturday they turned up the heat in the Old & Proud kitchen with Motörized, Tony and The Rockheavyllies and the Red Beard Band. With all these ingredients in place, the planned chill-out weekend turned into a spicy party-paella of epic proportions, garnished with all the wrenching talk of garage disasters (swearing) and roadside glory (grins).

Talking about paella: the paella making contest got lots of "Ooohs! Aaaahs!" and "Wows!" and "Wtf! and F?&$!??!", and there were prizes for everything from "Oldest Motorcycle" (mystic 1937 UHL), over "Longest Trip to the Meet" (from Denmark), to "Best of Show" (Mystic with Black Beard) and "Kickstart Contest" (one Shovel was kick started a whopping 20 times in one minute)

The tasty stew the Valencia Chopper Crew, Shovelhead Spain and Panhead Spain (and everyone else involved) had cooked up at La Cantera Biker Bar this year was definitely legendary and will be right at the top of our menu for next year: greasy and hot = Old & Proud!