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If we could custom build our own apprentices, we’d make ’em along these points:

A strong motivational drive built from curiosity, eagerness to learn, can-do attitude, and a hot, burning desire to ride bikes.

High speed worker when deadlines loom, at the same time focused and calm when precision is wanted.

Well equipped with respect and openness, friendliness and reliability towards clients and colleagues. A dose of common sense welcome.

Well oiled German spoken and in writing is expected. Competency in English is also highly welcome.

Sounds like we mean you? Awesome. Let’s get to know better here at our Würzburg headquarters, where your apprenticeship for

Kaufmann/-frau im Groß- und Außenhandel (merchant in wholesale and foreign trade)

would be taking place.

Just email your resume or your questions to jobs@wwag.com

W&W Cycles has been oscillating around the dream of the perfect Harley since 1979. In the beginning we just ordered a few parts for us and our friends. Today we supply Harley riders all around the globe from our catalog of over 20.000 parts with our team of more than 50 men and women from more than 10 countries.