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2022 - Custom Stage, Hirschberg, D

2022 - Custom Stage, Hirschberg, D

Since 1982, when Customizers East were founded, they evolved from a group of friends into a respectable custom institution, able to self-customize if needed. When in the early days the customizers got together to do the C.E. Bike Show or the Drag & Bike Show, now, 40 years later, they organized the third edition of Custom Stage.

Said stage is located in the "Kulturhaus" at Hirschberg a. d. Saale, and around it we found a well curated selection of custom motorcycles of different makes and U.S. cars on display. As is usual with shows of this kind, the parking lot also offerered excellent quality bikes, so we just sent our Magic Bus on its mission to explore and report. On board were Minako, Joe and Rudi.

After three more or less party-free years

there was much backslapping and "how you been, dude"; a lot of beer that had gone undrunk in those years, got drunk right there and then. Old friends and acquaintances were all there: SSCycles, Fred Flitzefuß, Pike Brothers, the customizers themselves … the beer was cold and the wurst wasn’t too bad either :) The hot bike and car gossip needed to be exchanged, with pinstriping artists, Lowbrow artists, photographers and of course the judgings further heating up the party. 

Awards were given for:

Best Bike Public: Daniel Siebenhaar, ’57 rigid Shovel-on-Pan-cases

Best Car Public: Andreas Wolff, 1955er Buick Airride, Flakers CC

Best C.E. Choice: Daniel Kraus, 2008er rigid Evo 

Well earned trophies for very cool entries. And if things don’t turn sour again, there’ll be another Custom Stage in two years’ time to look forward to.