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Born Free 13, Orange County, USA

Born Free 13, Orange County, USA

If you ever - just for one short second - spent a thought on the idea to build your own motorcycle, the place to see is here: Born Free. It’s not only the fact that here any (and we mean any) kind of custom bike is on display, it’s the absolutely overwhelming love for detail, for craftsmanship, for creativity and passion permeating everything. And of course a sprinkling of some totally abysmal stuff. Well.

The huge grounds are buzzing with a

fascinatingly relaxed vibe, not just among the 28 invited builders, some of whom, as rumour has it, finished wrenching on their bikes in the absolutely last minute, but also among the thousands who came to see, to celebrate, to wonder. There’s wrestling shows, a wall of death, a skateboarding half pipe, and of course choppers galore – and W&W right among the mayhem. We’ll tell you more shortly; until then, enjoy these pix encapsulating the days of Born Free.