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Battery Chargers
Bahco 6/12 V Battery Chargers and Maintainers

Battery charger by Bahco

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Bahco battery chargers and maintainers are fully automatic and micro-processor controlled. Being of the "connect and forget" - type means that you hook them up to your motorcycle battery in periods of non-use and you need not care about the device until you want to go for a ride. The charger/maintainer will automaticcaly keep the optimum charge for your battery.

The device cannot be damaged by reversed polarity. It will automatically check the battery state and type and chose the appropriate charging program:

  • Recovery
  • Softstart
  • Bulk mode
  • Absorption
  • Monitoring
  • Float mode
  • Maintain.

A practical hook on its back side allows for hanging it out of the way in convenient areas. Besides the common crocodile clips, the charger/maintainer comes with a 7.5 A fused harness with 6 mm ring connectors, that has a protected SAE plug.

A 3 LED charging stage display informs about the progress. The charger/maintainer works with any lead-based 6 V 6 Ah - 12 Ah or 12 V 12 Ah - 48 Ah vehicle battery. Max. output current is 2 A. The device is splashproof (IP 54).

  • 6 V 6 Ah - 12 Ah and 12V 12 Ah - 48 Ah
  • net weight: 760 g
  • gross weight: 1.01 kg
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