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4 men, 8 cylinders, 3000 miles, no mercy!

If you thought that “Operation Panamericana” (Darién/Panama 1996) had already reached peak rpm you better shift into the next gear now. In January 2004, from the dark and oily basements of W&W, 4 enthusiast staff members on 2 Kuckleheads, 1 Panhead (Panamericana proven) and 1 Evo Sportster will take off for a bone-shaking test ride.

The plan

Starting in Buenos Aires/Argentina and ending in Ushuaia the journey will lead them along the famous Ruta 40 to Patagonia and Fireland, where the penguins meet the mean this sounds like a nice weekend trip, eh? Ok, let´s take a closer look at it then: 3000 kilometers of asphalt (or what Argentinians consider as asphalt) plus 2000 kilometers of gravel roads of the type that makes your teeth want to fall out. Endless plains, bizarre mountain ranges and - wind. Wind that blows harder than the exhaust of a V-Rod on nitro.

True to the slogan ”We ride what we sell“ the four Patagonian riders sit astride the best what the W&W catalog has to offer so the 4x4 service truck can stay at home. After all, this ain´t no disco.

Just lost my tent!

Penguin meets Leatherman!

The world´s southernmost beer at the world´s southernmost bar!

It‘s not the end of the world, but we can see it from here.

Karte von Patagonien