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Halcones - The Hawks of Mexico

Historie Halcones México

Enrique Martínez Escalante was a pionieer for motorcycle acrobatics in Mexico. It was in the year 1934 already that he started to practice and perform stunts and tricks. He invented and developed almost all acrobatic acts, which are still performed today by the group. Many of these can be performed even on small stages with low speed and only short accelerations. However, they require precision riding and are very hard to learn and manage.

Halcones México - The second Generation

On August 3rd, 1964 Enrique Escalante and two of his sons, Enrique Martínez Solís and Antonio Martínez Solís (captain and trainer) founded a team, named HALCONES MÉXICO (the first civilian team). His idea was to support and promote the sporting talents of his children and their wish to continue the tradition. Thanks to the experience of Enrique Martínez Escalante, who worked as an instructor for the group during the first couple of years, the team soon reached a high level of skill. In the following he was replaced by Antonio Martínez.

Halcones México - The third Generation

Today Halcones México consists of the garndsons of Enrique Martínez Escalante and acrobats of other families which share the passion: family Arroyo, family Sierra and a mamber of the Madrid family. The third generation team follows the same goals as the founders and is determined to promote this great sport with the same enthusiasm and professionality. Tradition and sporting heritage build the background for this manly discipline on Milwaukee´s iron horses.