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A nice afternoon with your elderly cars and motorcycles, that’s what the Moon Café Italy had in mind when they invited for the now third time to Jesolo, Italy.

Old motorcycles? We got some, we thought, and went for it. A whole bunch of American iron found its way to the location. As these hand-made beauties don‘t roll off the production line, and never did, the invitation had a few big names of the wrenching and decorating scene on it.

We take the cue and hereby tell you, instead of going on about all the beer we drank as usual, that these heavyweights of the world league of vehicle-beautifiers made it to Jesolo: Yaniv Even, of Powerplant Choppers (Hollywood, USA), fresh from winning the people’s choice award at Born Free 5, the mecca of the custom world. Andrew Quinones of Salinas Boyz Customs (the outfit of Hot Rod legend Cole Foster). As acting host Bob Kriezel (Mooneyes USA) had been hauled over the Atlantic.

Europe had some awesome talent as well on the premises: Boccin Custom Cycles, Italia; Independent Choppers, Düsseldorf, Germany; Free Kustom Cycles, España etc. etc. There were people from the accessories side as well: Avengers helmets, very old school. Plasma Customs, dealing in bending bicycles, paint wizard 100% Blaster, needle maid Veronika Benova. And many others.

Too many names in one go? Well, get all the nitty gritty detail in Dirk “Pixel Eye” Behlau’s and Jesper Bram’s documentary “Flake & Flames”, presented here in Jesolo. It’s filled with portraits of top custom people and hot rubber from start to finish. One awesome film. If you’ve had the chance to watch this beauty of a film, you’ll be coming to the full moon of Jesolo with different eyes, singing:”When the Moon hits your eye/like a big pizza pie/you’re in Jesolo!”