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Flanders Chopper Bash, Belgium

They say it’s best to get out while you’re having fun. Well, the boys and girls of the Flanders Chopper Bash may be on to something here. Even though the sheer numbers were again up from last year’s, the last ever Flanders Chopper Bash was as usual a furious festival of the bygone century’s finest machinery. There were Flatheads, Panheads, Shovelheads and Knuckles galore; Evos and Twincam were mild curiosities, and the rather unreal futurist Milwaukee Eight was as crazy as a unicorn for most. But no surprise here, they had it even printed on their poster: Custom Oldtimer Motorcycle Festival.

As is (or, as we should say, was) the custom,

many folks rode their machines all the way to the meeting, resulting in some urgent on-the-road requests for spare parts popping up on our screens. Some of them we could even fulfill on the spot. It goes without saying, that totally all conversations going on were gasoline related, lubrication minded and beer propelled. Later there was some heavy noise laid on in the form of bands such as Daily Thompson, Wucan, Scumbag Millionaire. Even the weather played along and pushed all the faders up, making for sunny memories of the last ever edition of one of the best European bike meetings there is (sorry, was). We’re in tears!