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Kreem has long been the time-honored name associated with motorcycle gas tank restoration.

With growing interest in the collection and restoration of vintage motorcycles, cars and trucks, demand for the Kreem Product line has continued to grow over the years. Collectors who wish to retain the integrity of the original bike prefer to restore an original or contemporary period tank, rather than purchase an after market replacement tank.

Why KREEM is KRM now.

On the 14th of july 1977 the American citizen Jim Pierce applied for registering "chemical products for sealing tanks" under the brand name KREEM.

On the 11th of july 1978 the brand name KREEM was registered in the U.S.A. Thus it became a brand like Coca Cola or Harley-Davidson.

Ever since 1988 KREEM products have been in the W&W CYCLES catalog.

So far, so good. But:

On 24th of march 2003 the Schweinfurt, Germany resident Herbert Ammon applied for registering the brand name KREEM for his purposes. This was possible, because Jim Pierce had not applied for world wide protection at the time.

On 14th of december 2004 the brand name KREEM was registered for Herbert Ammon for the European Market.

We do not know, what the Herbert Ammon GbR is selling under the name KREEM, but we do know, that Ammon GbR deems the distribution of the original product as "counterfeit USA-Kreem-tank sealer". Unbelievable? Unfortunately true, see yourself: www.tanksiegel.de/usa-kreem/

To be able to go on offering the proven original U.S. products the name and logo have been redesigned for the European market: KREEM is now named KRM.

The product itself stays as good as ever.

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