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Custom Solo Seats
Bear Part Company Solo Seats

Bear Part Company Solo Seats

If you’re looking for period correct parts for your 1960’s style motorcycle, then you realize just how difficult it can be to find a good Custom solo seat. This is why the Bear Parts Company from Australia thought it‘s important to have a good reproduction available. They manufacture them in the same styles as they were made back in the days, in 1” or 2” thickness and with top leather covers. BPC has been obsessive with getting those seats to look exactly the same as the original counterparts and to be of the same high quality, down to the last detail. The only way to tell the difference is the logo that is stamped into the steel seat pan underneath. A word about the leather used on BPC seats. Modern leather is aniline dyed. This means the hide is dyed all the way through the skin, then a clear top coat is put on top for protection. This leather will almost never show any wear. Older leather was instead pigmented, or put simply, the top of the hide was painted. This is why seats covered with this leather wear after time and begin to show the beige color of the hide under the pigmented top coat. This is what makes period seats like a good baseball glove or a vintage pair of Levi’s - they just get better with age. BPC realized a perfect reproduction would never be right if the leather wasn‘t right and uses autentic materials, so with age you will be rewarded even with the correct patina.

  • cowhide / steel, smooth
  • length x width: 330 x 230 mm
  • distance of springs or mounting bolts: 158 mm
  • Australia
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Bear Part Company Solo Seats
white, 2” thick
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