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2022 - Krowdrace Wolfslake

2022 - Krowdrace Wolfslake

Rudy was diagnosed with a heavy case of Flat Track Fever, we reported earlier this year. Fine with us we thought, at least there'll be a few great pix and stories to share. The latest one is from the town of Wolfslake, where Krowdrace, a very active private enterprise, were hard at work organising the Go-fast-go-left fever for Germany. We got proof: with Rudi it already worked.

After the Thursday BnBinB stopover (beer and barbecue in Braunschweig) the Friday saw Rudy doing his first training laps - and his first brush with danger: his first ever highsider (it's the bike abruptly going from a slide to full grip in an instant, flinging the rider into the air, or, in Rudy's case, slamming the handlebars into his belly, as if Muhammad Ali had landed a nasty swinger. But it wasn't a knock out, so all was well. The handlebars were bent a little out of shape, but Henning or, as his friends on the track know him, Murmel, soon had them straightened again.

It's great to see this coexistence between

high class battles on the oval and friendly mutual support and help off the track. Seems to be part of Flat Track Fever, making it even more contagious.

Even better to meet old friends from England, we got to know years ago at the Dirt Quake.

Now for the action: vehicle check is at seven, then a cup of coffee and some cold veggie Döner from last night and it's off to the  first training laps and on to the finals. Classes are Newbie, Rookie, Supergirls, and: Vintage True Gold.

Top on the podium is Andreas Steinhofer on his Harley KR 750 No 66 - the guy competes in three classes. Respect, dude.

Second placed is Tom Littich on the No 11 750 cc Harley.

And in third place (drum roll) it's No 4 Rudy Full on his 74 cu in Panhead. Had a less than ideal start and then couldn't get past Tom, but, third place: not bad at all!

After that came the other classes' semifinals and finals

Modern Classics, Amateur, Pro, Thunderbike and Hooligan, and, especially interesting for the aficionados of museum quality fire snorting machinery: the Real Deal class with authentic US racing machines from the good old days with XR 750s, Nortons, BSAs and Triumphs.

Place 1 here went to Michel Collaizi on his No 98 Triumph, second place Martin Hüning on his Harley XR 750 and coming in third was Fiete Girardet on his Norton No 77.

While we're at it: Vintage Modern Class, Bikes of the 70s and 80s, winner Lukas Gregorowitz on a nice SR 500, No 9. Second place: Rene Nawrath on a Simson AWO No 113 ahead of Ralf Schulze also on a Yamaha SR 500 No 49.

So many classes, so much champagne, and smiling faces all round on the international mix of riders. Kudos to the spirited organisation by Krowdrace and Wolfslake Speedway team making this a happy and memorable event for riders and some 150 spectators.