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Wrecking Crew Gear

Wrecking Crew T-Shirt Never Stop Kicking
Wrecking Crew T-Shirt Never Stop Kicking
Wrecking Crew T-Shirt Artist Edition #1:
Matt Wilkins: „Never Stop Kicking“ Matt Wilkins’ (nom de plume Matt Sabbath, probably a big fan of Ozzy?) is a native of the green and pleasant island, but for some reasons prefers the warmer shores of Barcelona. Our guess: it’s the food, and of course the weather :) Our guys in Spain didn’t have much pushing to do to make this happy coincidence a reality. The words probably have crossed the mind of many Sportster owners – closely followed by the thought, namely, that an electric starter might have its … but another kick or three couldn’t surely hurt … and Matt suddenly was the guy to bring them stylishly to life.
About the Artist Edition: Living the chopper life in this world, a rally here, a custom show there, it’s hard not to stumble across awesome apparel and T-shirts with absolutely out there print art. After the second or third beer turns out you have been chatting all the time with just the man doing it, that art we mean, and sure enough he’s having a couple of ideas for another great T-shirt.
That’s more or less the story behind our Wrecking Crew dept. new "Artist Edition" of T-shirts. There’ll be wrenching and riding themed motif T-shirts, painstakingly printed on solid shirts we’re sure of that they’ll stand up to a few more miles than the usual cheap stuff.
All "Artist Edition" shirts will be strictly limited to 100 shirts, no reprints, zilch, nada. If the smiley next to your size glows red and doesn’t smile anymore, sorry, too late.
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