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Roll & Flat, Caorle, I

It's a good family tradition with the 50 Brothers CC to ask their friends to a gourmet feast on the beach once a year.

The specialties that get served up are international top notch cuisine: Well aged prime cuts of the (mainly American) horse power industry, spiced up by their owners according to all known rules of the arts of hopping up, decorating, welding, brazing, grinding, boring out, flow benching, accessorizing and wrenching.

The recipe of the 7th edition Roll & Flat

is straightforward as usual: let the sun pre-heat a nice and flat Venetian beach until hot enough for the guests to barrel down on their bikes. It must have been some 300 riders and drivers who heavily sand-coated their two- and four-wheelers at top speed attacking the 1/8 mile, giving no quarter to nobody. However, this year there were limits to the respective vintages of chassis and engines: Pre 60s vehicles only, engines no younger than 1979. Street tires only. This harsh regime sort of kept speeds at safer levels, but didn't spoil the fun.

Though there was no chef in the W&W racing kitchen,

Roll & Flat is a hoot even without a racing bike on the menu. The event being perfectly organized, with laid back people, lots of vintage style, many old aquaintances to meet, mellow vibes. A true family cook out. The sun was there when it was needed on Saturday, with many spectators lining the track. We've been regulars here for a long time for a reason. Yum!