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MEL Custom's EVEL

MEL Custom's EVEL

If you take a long hard look at this ShEVOl, this Shovel - Evo mashup between 70s design cues and today's technology, you should be getting some distinctly Spanish vibes. That's right, MEL Custom in Alicante, Spain has done it again. They put a bike on its two wheels demonstrating that making a custom bike today can be done without "barn find" relics sourced from the murky depths of the Internet. We think this combination of classic and modern day parts looks smashing, and takes a bow to one of the most legendary Harley drivers ever at the same time: Evel Knievel.

After having fun for a while with his 350 Honda,

his 750 Norton, a 650 Triumph Bonneville and a 750 Laverda, Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel switched to a XR-750 Harley Davidson. On this bike he did his most famous jumps. There was only one thing that wasn't to his liking. "The Harley's got a little too much torque, when it comes to jumping." We think the future owner of "EVEL" won't be doing a lot of jumping over buses or canyons, and will have much fun with the ample torque this "ShEVOl" has on tap. There's everything to guarantee riding fun on this baby, and what a looker it is too.

The Bates Beefybody has just the right mix

of XR sportiness and a double helping of 60's beach buggy vibes, complimenting the hefty Bates Baja tires that get it all on the road. A 4-speed Shovel gearbox, a V-Rod sourced air suspension and loads of parts from the W&W parts catalog make for a bike that screams "Let's go!" Did you notice the intriguing dual chain primary drive (inhouse MEL development) and the 2-1 pipes with Supertrapp pot (also by MEL)? What about the gleaming paint job by Rusty Rifle that would look good in any Las Vegas show? We'd bet our last dollar that Evel would take this "ShEVOl" for a spin, if he'd be around.


MEL Custom

Guadalest 15

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