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2018 - No Show Pre-Party

2018 - No Show Pre-Party

You know, mates are quick to have wacky ideas. Let’s do a custom bike show in a derelict old industrial building, get a few gnarly chops, set them on some shabby chic pedestals … waiddaminit! Before we go to all that effort, let’s do the essential bit first, the pre-show-party. Let’s find a catchy name and a decent location. A location that means actually riding the bikes to!

So one sun-shiny Saturday

we find ourselves prattle-pratting on some 40 Harleys across Frankonian vineyards, the last quarter mile over sticks and stones (good for the guys who have Bates Baja rubbers on their wheels). The end of the track is a clearing in the pinewoods, everything set for the party to start rolling. We kick out the sidestands of 5 Knuckleheads, a load of Panheads, a few Shovels and Flatheads, Evos and, yes, a Milwaukee Eight too, and get to work on the fun. The party’s motto is HELTER SKELTER, and we take it seriously. Horseshoe pitching, anyone? We’d rather pitch Bates knobby tyres. Forest fire? We put the open fire in a cage and barbecue away. Just drink the beer? Possible, but a cleaned out drag pipe is more fun.

A high point was the simultaneous

start-up of all machines present. Oh, the good old internal combustion engine! Our eardrums short-circuited our brains, and the goosebumps lasted for a long while (we prefer the expression “nobby tyres feeling” though). Sorry, creatures of the woods, but we just had to do this.

We ask all the guys and gals who snapped pictures to not upload them, and generally be quiet about the whole affair. We want to repeat this pre-show-party next year, and hope for the cancellation of the bike show in the ancient factory (shabby chic and all that) proper by the place’s owner. Who needs a show, when we can have a pre-show party without the show. Helter? Skelter!