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Hünersdorff FuelFriend Jerrycans

1.5 Liters

Don’t get caught without them on your long hauls! The FuelFriend jerrycans are made from super strong plastic material to withstand the harsh use on a motorcyle. Despite their compact sizes they feature filler spouts which are suited for gas station pump nozzles. The pronounced ruggedness makes them also ideal containers for your spare oil. If you ever happened to have a leaking oil bottle in your crammed saddelbag, you know what we mean. The 1.0 and 1.5 ltr. versions are waisted and feature an eyelet for tie-downs, so they can be easily strapped to your luggage rack or outside of the saddlebags. UN-approved and suited for all sorts of gas and oil.

  • polyethylene
  • W x H x D: 125 x 235 x 65 mm
  • 1.5 l
  • UN-approved
  • Germany

GHS Pictograms on Containers with Harmful Substances

Our fuel bottles and jerrycans are sold without contents, and therefore without the usual hazardous goods pictos. Its yourselves who have to take care of this, just to avoid the silly questions authorities might put. The pictos for toxic and irritant and for easily inflammable substances should do the job. (See pic.)


During WWII the German army had thousands of ”Wehrmachtskanister” (flat petrol cans) in use. In 1942 the British army in North Africa captured some of these cans from the troops of German field marshal Rommel. They were deeply impressed by their usability and sent them to England, where they were soon put into production. The British soldiers soon renamed them into Jerrycan, because Jerry was the nickname used by Allies for a German soldier.

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1.5 Liters
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1.5 Liters
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