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Rockmount Rayon Shirts

Life on the ranch and in the saddle of iron horses can be rough. No need to wear shirts that are rough on you too. That’s why Rockmount is using Rayon for many of their shirts styles. Rayon, also known as viscose silk is very smooth, very comfortable, the electric starter of shirting fabrics.

Even though “Papa” Jack Weil was having the cowboy and rancher next door in mind when he designed his shirts, they were so novel and laid back that the name Rockmount and the quality that came with it became known quickly outside the West. Country singers, Rock Legenden and Hollywood icons didn’t have to think twice when they went for a piece of the endless Rockmount Ranch Wear Collection.

Rockmount shirts are made in the U.S.A.. That makes it easy for Papa Jack Weil’s family to regularly introduce new styles and models with the latest fabrics. We now have part of the vast Rockmount collection in our catalog. You can recognize them from their typical “Diamond Snap” snap fasteners, the sawtooth pockets and of course from the rock solid Rockmount Made in U.S.A. quality.

Last but not least: Rayon is a semi-synthetic cotton-like yarn based on cellulose, refined by painstaking procedures. The resulting fabrics are flowing like silk.

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