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Dynojet Power Vision

Dynojet Power Vision

Power Vision is a performance tuner and data monitor. It can tune any fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the Delphi ECM. In addition it can read all relevant data from your ECM such as engine temperature, service settings, rpm, ignition advance, air-fuel ratio, average fuel consumption, current fuel consupmtion etc. It also allows to reset adaptive fuel trims and idle offset with bike running. The unit communicates directly with your bike’s stock interface.

The Power Vision incorporates a very sophisticated, yet simple touch screen display which can be permanently installed to your motorcycle by means of a handlebar mount (not included). This display is completely independent and that does not require the use of a computer to flash your bike. Simply select the tune, follow the on-screen prompts to download the tune, and if you’d like, edit your tune without ever touching a computer! That’s right, you can flash and make changes to your tune without ever getting off your bike.

Power Vision downloads and stores the stock calibration. This backup configuration can be reloaded anytime at a later date if needed. Then it lets you select up to 6 different tunes that are stored on the device, and can be flashed immediately to your bike. The types of tunes include

Dynojet preconfigured tunes for your bike pre-loaded on the device... ready to go, right out of the box. Power Vision identifies your bike’s information and automatically sorts hundreds of applicable dyno proven tunes for you to choose from.

Above that you can download tunes by a custom tuner of your own choice or the experienced can use a copy of the original tune to tweak.

Once tuning is completet you can remove the Power Vision device from the bike. There is no need to leave it connected.

Further specs:

  • 3.5" (8.9 cm) 24bit color-TFT touch screen display
  • weather-, shock- and vibration resistent housing - completely moulded with silicon, with 4 x M4 AMPS threaded inserts for mounting
  • 2GB of internal memory

Power Vision License

The device will marry to your VIN when you flash a map to it the first time. After that, the device will not be able to flash any other bike. You can still use it to read diagnostic trouble codes or display live data on any bus equipped Harley.

To tune other bikes with your Power Vision device requires the purchase of a Tune License for each bike to tune. These licenses must be purchased directly from http://www.dynojet.com/powervision/

  • W x H x D: 10 x 8 x 2 cm

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