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The name Joan Rojas probably does not sound familiar to you but this Catalan businessman is a born non-conformist who shies away from the conventional and is not deterred by any obstacles encountered along the way. Joan Rojas took a different route, that chosen by those who want to make a difference.

A passionate motorcyclist, in 1992 he loved the sense of freedom he got from riding his motorbike around the roads of Igualada, always wearing an army neck warmer to keep out the cold and wind although he found it very uncomfortable.

One day he decided he wanted to improve on that neck warmer that he needed so badly. So, day after day, he worked on doing drawings and research at his family’s textile factory in Igualada until, a year later, he found a solution. A seamless, tubular garment made of microfiber.

At first they were only worn by family members and friends to protect them from the cold and wind. People saw them and asked about them, leading to Joan deciding to launch his first collection and, in just three years, they were already being distributed, mainly in Germany, France and Switzerland, under the BUFF brand name.

This success is no accident, but has been achieved by Joan Rojas' tireless, insatiable and non-conformist nature which, since then, has become integral to BUFF.

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