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Pike Brothers 1944 N-1 Waxed Jacket

The N-1 Deck Jacket was issued to all U.S. Navy personnel during WW2. It saw action from the Normandy beaches to the Pacific Islands and became one of the most used and most favoured jackets of the U.S. Armed Forces in the 1940s.

The "waxed olive"-version of the 1944 N1 Deck jacket features a 3-layer wax coated fabric, which makes it wind-impermeable and highly water repellent. Thus the jacket is also for suited for little trips or other activities even under harshest conditions. The interior lining is made of spun wool and ensures a comfortable warmth.

Other features:

  • vintage 1940s bell shaped Talon zipper
  • storm flap with buttons
  • stand up collar with wool lining
  • authentic spec. label

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Waxed Garment

The “wrinkling" of waxed cotton garment happens when the (often new) fabric is bent, folded, worn, etc. Over time this happens less and less. In fact it is not the fabric wrinkling but the wax that leaves these lines at high spots. It is one of the defining characteristics of the product. Like denim, it will break in, develop patina and become very distinctive to the owner.


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