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motogadget mo.blaze Ice Turn Signals
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motogadget mo.blaze Ice Turn Signals

Cool as Ice! The m.blaze Ice is a bolt-on LED turn signal by motogadget. With its transparent body made of scratch-resistant plastic, the m.blaze Ice has a very neutral and subtle look so it goes perfectly with most styles of motorbikes. Using TranzLight-Technology (TLT) the transparent turn signal body becomes the light source itself. With this progressive approach, turn signal casings not only have been miniaturized, but the m-Blaze Ice also creates a new lighting concept with its crystal-like lens. Precise optical CAD calculations and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes provide this new design and its functionality. An important aspect of the TLT is the safety advantage due to enhanced visibility of the turn signal. The light is emitted at almost 180° and thus visible from the front, side and rear of the motorbike. Each turn signal is equipped with a flexible absorber and thus mechanically isolated from the fastening threads. This protects the assembly from vibrations.

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Must be operated with load resistors or all load independent flasher relays.
Load Equalizer

Load Equalizer

Turn signals - according to prescriptions in many countries - must have a certain illumination power and flash in a defined frequency.

Illumination power is easy to handle, just use a high power bulb or led. Frequency is the job of the flasher unit. Stock units are laid out for a certain load, i.e. wattage. Any other wattage will cause the unit to not flash correctly or to just light the turn signals permanently. So, the stock flasher units depend directly on the load of the connected turn signals.

Many nice turn signals by now have bulbs of smaller power or even LEDs with almost neglectable electrical power. And they're even ECE R50 compliant. Should we ignore these nice parts just because of our flasher units? Of course not ...

One way to solve the problem is to change the flasher unit for one with smaller electrical power or for one which functions regardless to the hooked-on power. We provide quite a good range of such devices for custom bikes.

Whenever the flasher unit takes more tasks than just to flash your turn signals or there isn't any specific flasher unit at all, because it's been sacrificed for an electronic module, the way out is to hook up the necessary load to the unit.. So for any Harley from 1990 on, where the flasher unit also triggers turn signal reset, this is the way to go.

Easiest means to achieve the proper load on the flasher unit would be a resistor which you hook up parellel - not in line! - to the turn signal. You need one for each turn signal, and you need a proper place for it, because it will develop heat, as it eats the superfluous power away. And the newer CAN-bus equipped Harleys can't handle these resistors. So what?

This is the point when the load equalizer comes in the game. One module for the whole turn signal circuit and no heat. The module of the size of a half cig pack can be hidden in a central place on the motorcycle. And for many models there are plug-and-play solutions ready to hook up.
Turn signal »mo.blaze Ice« by motogadget; length: 65 mm; Ø 20.5 mm; net weight: 27 g; bulb type: LED; thread: M8; 12 V; 3 W; front and rear; with M8 nut, 100 cm wire; E1 approved; Germany
W&W# Picture net price* Available from warehouse Germany?
23-061 motogadget mo.blaze Ice Turn Signals with black anodized aluminum base $45.25 each
in stock
23-062 motogadget mo.blaze Ice Turn Signals with polished aluminum base $45.25 each
in stock
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