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Power Kits
S&S Sidewinder Kits for Evolution Big Twin

S&S Sidewinder Kits for Evolution Big Twin

Nothing beats cubic inches! The S&S Sidewinder kits for Evolution Big Twin engines with stock cylinder heads rank among the best ways to gain real, straightforward, impressive, pulse-accelerating horsepower. They are not cheap and not easy to install but after all S&S Sidewinders are legendary and the result speaks for itself.

This is the most popular Sidewinder kit because it combines straightforward installation and significant power increase. Suits all kinds of bikes due to excellent allround qualities. 4-5/8” (11,75 cm) stroke, 10:1 compression, 0,4 mm longer 3-5/8” bore cylinders with forged pistons. Kits do not include pushrods & manifold.

  • Installation requires kit WW 61-705.
  • Original engine cases require a boring operation to accept the larger bore cylinders.

  • fits Big Twin Evolution
  • bare
  • stroke: 4-5/8 ”
  • nominal bore: 3-5/8 ”
  • 96 in³
  • compression: 10:1

S&S Power Kits

Since the first V-twin rolled out of Milwaukee there were people who thought about increasing the displacement in their search for more horsepower and since 1958 there´s none who does this better than S&S. Stroker flywheel assemblies and big bore cylinders, installed as separate components or in combinations allow to achieve various displacement increases. Depending on your personal needs and preferences choose from different kits for increases up to 116 cubic inches. The performance of S&S components has been proven in thousands of engines on the open highways as well as on the race tracks of the world and the brand name is synonymous for highest quality in material and guaranteed positive horsepower results.
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S&S Sidewinder Kits for Evolution Big Twin
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