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Biker's Guide to X-Mas Cooking

A compilation of very special cooking recipes. Forget the usual bachelor´s cookbooks, this is a true and professional font of inspiration for multi-course menus, which none of the participants will ever forget. Also available as spiral-bound kitchen-counter booklet, format 21 x 15cm.


This year Santa wanted to be better prepared than ever to go delivering those presents. more

Oily Kickstarter

Say, did ya ever rack yer brain with the question, what in tarnation Good Ole Santa is deckeratin‘ his tree with? more

The magic unbreakable christmas bauble

Ho, ho, holy paper scissors, what have we got here! Today in Santa’s Workshop we will wrench us a magic Christmas bauble that won’t shatter to a million pieces. more

The XMas tree from outer space

Cop Hal gave the throttle grip of his clapped out 1925 JD another good twist when the mexican border control disappeared in his vibrating rear view mirror. more

Full-throttled X-Mas Swamp-Camp experience

Dusk was settling over the Delta, as Santa was slicing up the Mississippi river in his vintage 78 Glastron, loaded down to the gunwales with heavy Xmas presents and sacks of good stuff. more

Freezy Rider

The cuddly little polar bunny looked out over the frozen Beaufort sea in a state of permafreeze: two giant clouds of snow, ice and a helluva noise were approaching the icy beach. A blizzard? more

No Frills XMas and a full throttle New Year!

For an appetite the size of the Grand Canyon try this appetizer. Chop chorizo, jalapenos, olives, tomato, garlic, cilantro, until a thick paste, apply more

Wrecking Crew Wurst Case

Grab an ancient pan cover and braze on some kind of handle. Clean to an eat-off-it condition and heat to operating temperature. (An old-fashioned frying pan is the fall-back option.) more

Lowrider's Lasagne

You dont want the cosy atmosphere fucked up by some screaming white pasta in your xmas dinner, so first you use food coloring to create a black goo and soak the lasagne pasta until as black as possible. more

Roadkill Flattie Burger

If there is a sudden shortage of road with sufficient flattenable creatures on it, ask your trusty family butcher to hand over 875 grs of ground beef (per person). more

Carne Camino Patagonia con Patatas a la lastre

Per person: using a sharp knive cut up three solenoid-sized potatos into bits the size of blue dots. Do the same to at least 2 cloves of garlic. Spread on baking tray, sprinkle with olive oil, salt and bake at 180 centigrades until gravel-like consistency is reached (20 minutes) more

Cubic Inch Fest-Menu

From deep down in yer saddlebags take those rusty cans of baked beans (or just plain beans) (2 lbs), a hunk of bacon, 6onions, 4-6 cloves of garlic, 2-3 chili peppers, a handful of cumin seeds. Chop up the bacon and fry in a deep pan, add chopped onions, fry until golden. more

Tasty Basket Case á la Gourmet

Get a pack of frozen peas up to operational temperature, following instructions on pack. Use food coloring to set the colour of the peas to "used ball bearing black". more

Monolithic Meatloaf

Go check your fridge it there`s any hamburger meat left over from last year`s xmas special. Now is your chance to get rid of it in style, which would be greatly appreciated by 6 bikers (or 1 Cop Hal and 1 Santa). more

Millennium Meatloaf

Get: 3/4 lb minced meat, 2 old rolls, soaked in milk, pressed and cut to fragments, 2 raw eggs, 2 onions, 2 cloves of garlic, lots of cilantro (parsley if you can`t get the cilantro), chopped with your fav bushknife. more

The Devil in Disguise - Daiquiri a la Hawaii

Get a heavy duty blender and fill with: 6 slices pineapple, juice of 2 limes, a big splash of grenadine, 6 bar spoons of icing sugar, half a bottle of white rum, 1 glass of pineapple sirup, 1 glass of coconut cream and a heap of crushed ice. more

Evo-Cados rellenos reales

400g tomatoes, 6 avocados, 6 onions, 4 cloves of garlic, 3 chili peppers, 3 tbs vinegar, 3 tbs olive oil, salt, pepper, cilantro (or cheap, cheap parsley). more

Flywheel Pizza

Serves one biker: Basic pizza plus two slices of hot chorizo. Put one slice in the center of the pizza, the other one goes where the crankpin is located on a decent scoot. more

Big Bore Baked Apples

Park raisins in Myer`s Rum for three days. Bore`n`hone the apples on your basement lathe with your Portable Laser. Machine down the skins of untreated oranges and toss the shavings with the raisins. more

The Traditional X-Mas Chili

Heat 8 talbespoons olive oil in a large pan and fry the meat, until browned all over. more