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S top blowing sunshine up my ass and tell me something I don't know. Whisper sweet nothings into my ear and tell me the secrets of life. Life's a bitch and who knows maybe you're married to one. However, we feel we have a reason to celebrate, bang the gong, wave a flag. Just did it this king-sized pocket-bible. Now isn't life simpler and better? Myths are nice but seeing is believing. Statistics are for accountants and people with microscopic assholes. This is going to be fun, like a piece of surfing safari sex wax, it will help you stick to your board and ride the next curl. Come and see the only other hot bike a man should have between his legs. Steel, wheels, fluid pumping, cylinder grinding, oil dripping, thigh grippable, titty teasing, turbo transporter. 8 tales and a free decoder ring at the bottom of the box. When everyone is putting their heads between their legs and kissing their asses good-bye, take the first class road to hell. And don't forget: a biker's work is never done.

Six Seconds of Thunder

Blowing chunks, a technicolor yawn, booting, vomiting, reverse swallowing, heawing, spewing and just plain barfing were all possible... more

Byebye Bourbon Street

She saw the heavy glasses on the table, the silk tie on the leather sofa, her shoes underneath the grand piano. Recollections of the night before slapped her ... more

Hecho en Mexico

Spraying up the gravel and scattering the chickens, the '72 Chevy El Camino whirled into the Hacienda's driveway. Miguel had been right, it was ... more

BBQ or Bust

"Assholes! Full speed ahead and I can chug along behind - now this! But it serves them right. Let them have their barbecue without ... more

Bikers from outer Space

Captain's log, Star Date 2069. Myriads of telescopes strain their long necks skyward like tiny new born birds... more

Vamos Hermanos

Hey, José! Last night a huge greasy sprocket-covered chrome crusader appeared to me and handed me the following commandmets and said something about... more

Back to the Blues

The motelroom-door went bump. There stood his old man, leisure suit, lipless shit eating grin, bulging eyes and all... more

Holy Flywheels

As another black and fetid night descended on Würzham City, the JAP gave a crackling snicker of glee at what he saw: A bunch of total suburban cheeseburgers ... more