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Panamericana - The Mother of all roads

The mud of no return

On a hot july sunday afternoon in 1993 - or was it a saturday? A balmy spring evening? August? June? Wednesday? Well, who's to tell. Anyway, the guys were hanging out in the shade of the local beer-garden, discussing the finer points of shotgun pipes and the open road in general. And before you know, they were soon in fantasy-mode, all kinds of ideas poppin' up on how to show life, the universe and all the rest their tail lights once more. Some sort of stunt people would talk about, a thing that couldn't be duplicated easily.

Apocalypse for any bike - if not W&W equipped. A demonstration of the power of the human will. A triumph of never ending wrenching. But, how could they get this feat done? „Get 'er on the lift and hop'er up!“, „W&W parts only!“, „Old school!“, „Panhead engines!““Yeah, right!“, „On Panheads across Panama!” “Another beer, anyone?“, „Two Pan-heads“; Pan-ama, Pan-americana, Pan-ama City, that's it, dudes!“, „Everything Pan-ana!“, the guys were hollerin' and yellin', and all of a sudden, it was...


The Plan