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Events Archive 2012

Punta Bagna

The bus is still splattered with the mud of the Bottrop Kustom Kulture, when the FURTHER! mobile... more

Bottrop Kustom Kulture

They told us that the friday had been quieter. Well, we planned to outsmart them all and arrive for the... more

Jokers Car and Bike Show

So far we were always well guided by our trusty old road map on our big yellow pilgrim’s way to Swedish... more

Norrtälje Water Cooled Weekend

Regulars of the Norrtälje Twin Club Bike Show usually are looking forward to the meeting for weeks in advance... more

Rumblers Ruhrpott

It’s not too often that we see four wheelers in this space, for obvious reasons. But, when the Rumblers Car... more

Jesolo Bike Week 2012

On Thursday morning six members of the wrecking crew entered the Magic Bus – heading south... more


Possibly not the planet’s most well known publication, SIDEBURN calls itself... more


We had a simple plan. Take a 1200 cc Sportster, increase the displacement to 1460 cc... more


Our guys from the spanish inquisiti.. erm...W&W office tend to hang out with a 'agrupacion de Harlistas' calling themselves.... more


Imagine a total of 1.700 kilometers (not counting the ferry), driven more or less in one go from the last party at... more


In fair Verona, where we were seen unloading a busload of Milwaukee‘s Finest, mixing with the multitudes... more

Custombike 2012

The calendar is on the last few miles towards the finish line, but for the wrenching community there is one last... more

EICMA 2012

The Further bus getting dusty we thought, why not fire ’er up again and guide the yellow behemoth... more

When The Moon Hits the Beach

Remember last year's CREATURE FROM THE VENICE LAGOON? Guess what, they had another one, again, this year... more

Speed Trials Bonneville II

What happened so far: Tom and John from Denmark came to Utah to ride their Knuckleheads on the Bonneville... more

Speed Trials Bonneville I

Meeting people at parties and meetings is the salt in the soup for every true wrencher. A shared... more

7th Mooneyes Motorcycle Swapmeet

You can never be too early at a swap meet, especially if said swap meet is taking place in the land... more

New Order Chopper Show

OK, there may be an easier way to update your brain about the state of affairs in the chopper world than... more

A Bombers 2012

After some serious drying out made necessary by the Swedish rain, our little caravan of, one has to say, historic... more

LeBeef 3rd Anniversary Party

When the compass swings round to August and the calendar hits true North in the... more

'Allo 'Arley Tours

Full throttle a l'americaine it is once a year in France. In Tours, France to be exact. Ever... more

Linkert Attacks

Imagine for a change the finest oils not bubbling inside your machine, but in the outdoor kitchens... more

Chimay 2012

Having left the Mountains of Punta Bagna in the dust, the FURTHER! Mobile sets out for the next waypoint... more