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STD Panhead Cylinder Heads

Since good, original heads are becoming more and more scarce, STD reproduction cylinder heads are a great alternative for stock replacement or for performance engine projects built from scrap. They feature many improvement over the stock counterparts like a raised port design for improved air-flow. Valve seats are altered to accept Shovel intake and exhaust valves and made of hardened material for the use of unleaded fuel. To allow porting and flow-bench tuning, the combustion chamber and inlet ports are unpolished. STD heads are supplied as pairs without valve guides and head bolts. They are machined for 1948-79 Pan/Shovel valve guides. For improved dependability STD heads come with steel inserts for the head bolts that accept factory thread 7/16-20 head bolts. All versions accept modern spark plugs with long 14 mm threads.

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