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Ignition Switches
motogadget mo.lock Ignition Switch

motogadget mo.lock Ignition Switch

Ultra-compact, digital ignition switch which replaces conventional switches and easily hides almost everywhere on the bike, e.g. behind side covers, panels, fairings or other covers which are non-metallic. The key just has to be approximated to the switch (distance < 5 cm) and your ignition system turns on/off as if touched by a ghostly hand.

The small housing and hidden installation open up new possibilities in wiring, especially on Custom bikes!

Each key, which actually looks like a little key fob, holds a micro-chip with a specific code which matches the respective m-lock key. Only this key can activate/deactivate the ignition system. Each code is unique which makes every m-lock tamper-proof. The keys do not require batteries so they will never fail. An electric relais, which is included, works as the receiver and is safe up to 50 amps. m-locks are completely encapsulated to protect them against moisture and vibration.

We do not recommend using the m-lock combined with immobilizers. Contact your dealer/manufacturer for informations about the possible deactivation of the immobilizer.

  • with +/-50 cm wiring harness, 2 keys, 1 relais 12V/50A, 4 insulated terminals and complete instructions
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motogadget mo.lock Ignition Switch
height: 14 mm; Ø 30 mm
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