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Cyclo Party, Schnellham, D

Cyclo Party, Schnellham, D

Contrary to what you might think, Cyclo isn’t a new Caribbean crypto currency, but the name of a bike rally in the rather anglophone sounding town of Schnellham, near Pocking, Bavaria, Germany. So not really far away, which is a nice change after the almost 3.000 kilometers roundtrip to the Superrally in Sweden and back last weekend.

As short as the road

to Cyclo was the list of participants: just 60 riders and their bikes made it to the venue and worked hard to make the party take off. The sun was shining 24 hours a day, making life easy and let the parked choppers look their best. Caribbean vibes permeated the beach zone that had been upgraded with the help of a few buckets of sand. The live band was definitely louder than the winner of the noise contest, where, surprise! the least noisy bike won. Well, where, if not in Niederbayern.

We just wish that Cyclo would happen more often.