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2022 - Superrally, Öland, S

2022 - Superrally, Öland, S

There’s a bike show out there without showbikes: Superrally. It’s been around since the late Sixties, getting together once a year, somewhere in Europe, adventurous Harley riders from all over Europe, organized by local Harley clubs in the „Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe“. After two long years (you know the reason) this year’s choice of country was Sweden, and the location was to be the island of Oeland.


Getting to the Superrally on your two wheeled Milwaukee potater-mobile (no other makes admitted, sorry) is the sporty part. There’s some pretty humongous distances in Europe to cover, and that reduces the number of elaborate customs with minuscule tanks and insufficient shock absorbing capabilities quite a bit. Younger, more comfortable bikes are in the majority. Our own long distance aficionado Don Pedro hit the road to the Superrally, as he has done a few times before, and led the group of eight bikes starting out from Würzburg to Erfurt and Altmädewitz, while the number of bikes was steadily growing to 29. This rumbling, spattering and potatering posse made their way to the island of Rügen, embarking there on the ferry to Ystad, Sweden. From there it was country roads to Öland on the East coast of Sweden. That’s roundabout 1.300 kilometers on the odometer – and the travel diary notes under "breakdowns" a broken kick stand which decided to call it a day when waiting for the ferry. Luckily Don Pedro knows a trustworthy place where Harley spares are available :)  A new kickstand was soon underway to meet him at the rally, where it was duly put to good use.


That’s especially true for Superrallies. A super site by the sea, loads of room to set up your tent, many, many people (they even had to enlarge the site half way through), and in the end some 13.000 Harley enthusiasts had made it to the Superrally. The bands were great, the venues such as "The Barn" were lovely, so a few minor niggles fell by the wayside. Walking round the place checking out the bikes was real fun, talking bikes, engines and customization ideas all day long. Pre Evo bikes were a little harder to find, no wonder considering the long distances to the venue involved. After 40 or 50 years, the ancient rigid framed machinery tends to be left at home in favour of more robust and fresh later models. However, our inspiration scouts managed to snap a few outstanding bikes none the less.


The hours burn through the clock, and another evening filled with bands and beer rolls around – as well as saying good bye. When home is 1.300 kilometers away, and the Swedish alcohol limit is 0,2, the party must end early. 

The run home was uneventful until Würzburg was already in sight: a broken belt on a Shovel made for breakdown #2, but Pedro had the right idea. He just went home to get his van and transport the Shovel to safety.

Next year’s ride to a Superrally will be to Igoumenitsa, in lovely Greece, quasi opposite of the Italian spur.