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Chicken Run, Großheubach, D

Not bad for a start. Then it was check-in at the gate, by apps or paper. And lo and behold, we were among 500 other actual people, 500! People! In one place! Takes some time to get used again to crowds of that size, but how did we miss it! What we had taken for granted all these years now got a permanent grin on our faces: the drinks booth, the bratwurst trailer, the coffee brewer, one booth even had scrambled eggs ready. Scrambled eggs? No matter, we enjoyed it all.

There was Sir Leder Michel showing off artisan leatherworks, St. Kilian Distillery was here to offer a taste of, ahem, German Single Malt, handlebar makers Customhands had their stuff on display, Jekill & Hyde exhaust systems, local wineries, clothing, lots of things so sorely missed these last months and years were appreciated by all comers.

Also on hand: music! Live music too, on a real stage, and at volume levels that alone were worth the long way to Großheubach :) During the sound check attacks of goose flesh were reported, so great was the joy. Almost forgotten was the real reason for coming, namely checking up on the bikes. A few nice bikes were parked in a show field, but the visitors’ Milwaukee machinery was worth a look too. So we spent the day milling around the venue, enjoyed chatting with people we hadn’t seen in person in a long time, and when we were rumbling on our way home still weren’t quite sure if all this had really happened.