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2018: Linkert Attacks, Jars, F

2018: Linkert Attacks, Jars, F

(Barn find of the digital kind)

When our French friends called for us to come again to the Linkert Attack rally to Jars in France, we felt just as Ulysses on his ship must have felt like, when he heard the sirens’ song. So on the kick starters of our ‘37 EL and ‘41 FL we jumped and went off for some 800 kilometers of French country roads. The fine weather made the ride a pleasure, even the numerous French farmers with their huge combine harvesters blocking the road were having a fun day. Overtaking them was a bit of a challenge for our ancient steeds, but on the long farmer-free stretches we breezed along merrily, the trusty V-Twins droning underneath us.

Our traditional last stop before the rally usually is on the terrace of the Restaurant de Rempart in Sancerre, where we moisten our parched throats with a first glass of glistening local wine, grand views over the vineyard-filled valley included. John from England is already here, celebrating his 50th aniversary. Not a normal birthday, mind you, because he is actually 77 already, no, he’s celebrating 50 years in the saddle of Harley-Davidsons. He doesn’t even have a driver’s license for cars. Chapeau, man!

At the rally in Jars we find

already a big bunch of ancient Harleys, in spite of us being a day early. We set up camp, and go for a first of many strolls around the grounds to check out the machinery. Harley Knuckleheads, Flatheads, Panheads, Indians from all over Europe are parked in the shade, most of them older than the 1965 model year and all of them daily riders. A few English classics round off the collection. 46 Knuckleheads alone were counted – with this concentration of vintage Harleys the Jars rally must be hard to beat.

This year’s motto was “Playa del Sol”, and the many Hawaii shirts that riders had brought in their saddle bags were put to good use in the Mediterranean like sunshine over the weekend. Chief organizer Fred had booked a few great bands who accelerated the party spirit into outer orbit, supported by the notoriously high class French catering. No chippy burgers and steak not welcome here, Monsieur!

Friday morning found a group of Danish riders

wrenching feverishly on a Knucklehead bobber. The front cylinder had broken. Bad news! But, to our amazement, a new cylinder (by W&W) was already ready to be installed. The desperate owner had posted the catastrophy on Instagram, and two of his countrymen, also headed for the Linkert Attacks, (thanks to Bonneville racers Tom and John!) had taken a little detour to the W&W headqurters to pick up the much needed spare parts.

Saturday morning we reluctantly left to tackle the two-day ride home, counting on fewer agriculteurs on the lovely French D-roads. As usual, the little trip to our French neighbours was more than rewarding, the relaxed atmosphere of Linkert Attacks is unique, and the bikes are in a class of their own. If the sky doesn’t fall on our heads, we’ll be back for 2020... 2021... 2022... thanks to Corona;-/

Merci et au revoir, les mecs!