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Motor Bike Expo, Verona, I

Motor Bike Expo, Verona, I

We shouldn't wonder if a few visitors of Verona Motor Bike Expo went home with seriously sore optical nerves. The sheer number of bikes left only seconds for each if you wanted to get a glimpse of all of them. Which wasn't an easy job if you wanted to look at details too or got held up in fact finding conversations.

Sure enough they call the event "World's largest Custom Motorcycle Event" , and divide it into "Mass Production, Custom Universe, Racing World, Tourism on Two Wheels, Motorcycling Academies, Business Young Guns, and Outdoor Shows". It's kinda hard to keep track of everything happening.

To avoid any undue twisting

of our eyeballs, we kept our eyes on the custom scene, but still found loads of mindbending creations. From paddle-wheeled hill climbers with skull-sporting brake discs, to the glass case protected Panamericana and Bronx prototypes by Harley-Davidson, to the wheelchair sidehack ... our brain started churning out wacky ideas in no time. We were so stoked up that seriously nice Panhead bobbers didn't even register on our custom-O-meter anymore.

After a long day we weren't really sure if our feet or our eyes were hurting more, but have already marked the Verona MBE date for next year in our custom calendar.