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Paradise Road Show, Palm Springs, USA

Paradise Road Show, Palm Springs, USA

The sky is a blue straight out of a 60s post card, the venue is a hotel complex looking like a Coen brothers Technicolor dream. The parking lot is jammed with hopped up 4 wheeled legends, the courtyard is bulging with Harley choppers assembled with devotion for unusual details right down to the almost real looking pre aged stickers – this is too good to be true.

Right, if it wasn't for our own, very real booth sporting our Cannonball parts, we would have started doubting our sanity. How on earth did we stumble into this dream, or, rather, what did we take to get there. Let's see if we can find out why this Palm Springs event is being called "Paradise Road Show".

It's all show here for sure.

Road, yeah, at some point these sleds must have seen a road, but you wouldn't expect them down Baja way, if you know what we mean. Same goes for the cars (the word "car" almost bordering on profanity for these works of art). But Paradise! Harley aficionados will find this place absolute paradise. Vintage choppers dreamed up with rare and hard to find vintage parts. Far out, man! A bunch of extraordinary wrenchers is prowling the grounds: Cycle Zombies, Powerplant, Expansive Trash, Vee Choppers and others. Paradise birds galore! Beer! Wrenching talk! Friends! Our verdict: Paradise Show is #1. The #1 from a slightly yellow-at-the-edges vintage AMF ignition cover taken off a '71 Ironhead Sporty. In a rigid frame. With a very long fork, baby!