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HRCS Yokohama, J

HRCS Yokohama, J

If you organize the best indoor show ever (at least in the eyes of the Harley riding community) year after year, you better have a few new sparklers up your sleeves every now and then. And that's just what they managed to do at the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show in its 28th year. They celebrated the 30th aniversary of Japanese pin striping legend Hiro "Wildman" Ishii, and among other things, the customization of bathroom slippers. They had a Pin-Up Girl contest, they had four live bands, they had the parade of all the guests of honour and a lot of other micro events we just plain missed in the short time between 8 am and 5 pm. The prize giving of 30 trophies alone took ages.

From a rider's perspective the show this year

focused on Shovelheads, illustrated by the fact that there were 20 Shovel choppers in the selection. Friends of other engine series found enough objects of desire to endanger their jaw joints though. Excellent K models abounded.

W&W not only had the pleasure to present Bates Baja tires from a minimalist booth, but also the honour to give away the W&W Pick trophy, hand made by striper Boo and meant to appreciate the best bike in our view. Turns out, Seven Motorcycles had entered a very fine Panhead, and we thought, dude, that's a mighty fine Panhead. The rest is history. Congratulations to Seven Motorcycles and all other winners. We tip our hats to Mooneyes for yet another show of exceptional quality.