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Are sandouts even a thing? Anyway, instead of the usual asphalt, this weekend we had a whole lot of sand to burn all day long on the beach of Caorle, Italy. Why, wasn’t that a new edition of the world famous Roll & Flat? A bunch of intrepid motorists got together to carve deep ruts into the beach, ignoring valiantly all the sand that might get into the ancient carbs, air filters, gearboxes, drivechains, steering racks and roots blowers of their beloved and cherished wheels.

The friday night opening party

had only one purpose: to make the swerving and swinging which unvariably followed the next day seem as a natural result of the heavy partying, and not as the drivers’ struggling with the unusual surface it probably was.

And so, large amounts of cubic inches,

in a lot of different cylinder configurations and distributed on several different wheel numbers got thrashed mercilessly around the sun baked sand. In the end, 1) all had tremendous fun, and 2) two had their noses, or front wheels, or forks, or hood or bumper (if applicable) in front. Winner on two wheels was Willi from Allgäu on his racing blue Panhead. In the cages class Sepp from Austria won in his compressor catapulted Cadillac.

Before the victory party could get

off the ground, the rain set in, so everybody went back to the Moscito bar, for another round of drinking the remaining brain cells into oblivion. Here’s to the winners, the noise, the sand, the fun, in short, this grandiose event happening. Grazie 50 Brothers CC and BOCCIN Custom Cycles!