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Airtech has been around for a looong time and has been building bodywork for the pros since the eighties. For big racing names like Yoshimura, Vance & Hines, Smokin’ Joes, Star Racing, Zlock Racing, Dave Schultz, Kent Stotz, Sean Gann, the list is long. These pros helped develop the products you buy. Airtech uses only the best tried and true aircraft composites and continues to develop new raw materials to push the envelope when it comes to strength, weight and flexibility. It’s a craft, and Airtech’s craftsmen are among the best. Airtech doesn’t stop at racing kits for recent models, no sir, they by far have the largest selection of bodywork in the world, from vintage ‘50s stuff to the latest street bikes to dragbike stuff, so they can help you out with those hard to find ‘80s fairings, that ‘60s race replica, a stretched tail or a cool cafe seat. Airtech does not just make replacement parts, they actually design new products! If this doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, it should. It is a very expensive and labor intensive process to create bodywork from scratch. It takes countless hours of dedicated work to draw, sculpt, fit and make molds for a set of bodywork. Airtech is one of the very few companies out there who are willing to do this. Airtech has 8 levels of race support and has never turned anyone away. The have givven millions in product, contingency and event sponsorship back to the sport.

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