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If you thought that shirts are just there to keep your warm, think again. Shirts by Rockmount from Denver, Colorado are not just there to be worn, they're a state of mind. They are something like the official attire for all of those who made the West into the epic, super-cinemascope corner of the world it has been ever since: the cowboys, ranchers, truckers, country musicians, rock stars, rodeo heroes, in short all those who have the balls to keep their butts out of the global fashion rat race with a relaxed kick start. And keep to their own style. Just as they did (and do) with their own Milwaukee iron ponies in their stable. Just as well then, that our beloved twins from Wisconsin and the founder of Rockmount are the same generation. Jack A. Weil, aka Papa Jack, first saw the light of Indiana in 1901, two years before Messrs Harley and Davidson got their act together and hammered out the first Harley-Davidson to ever barrel down a dusty country road. As founder and driving force behind Rockmount from 1946 on he was thinking about a few details that were to make the everyday life of the cowboy next door better. One of the most important improvements he found was the snap fastener: Who can think of a cowboy who likes to sew between saddling the horses and rounding up the mavericks? The flap pockets fasten to better hold their contents, and their breakaway function allows them to let loose when the shirt gets caught.

These shirts were the cowboys' fashion statement to stand apart from the city slickers when they came to town on a Saturday night out or at the rodeo, showing them who’s keeping the wagon wheel of the West turning.

Not everybody these days has a sprawling ranch handy, even saloons are not on every street corner in this day and time. But from our own experience we can say that Rockmount shirts are just the thing to wear on your Milwaukee iron on the way to work, to the next bike rally or just to have a cool one with the buddies.

And that's not just us: a boundless number of celebrities sees it just like us. From plain plaid-wearing Elvis to Jack White (of the White Stripes) in blood red with white fringes, Bob Dylan, wearing white, Eric Clapton all black Rockmounts since the 60s, Cary Grant, Reese Witherspoon, Heath Ledger, from easy going to ornamental, Rock, Country, Hollywood: Rockmount shirts have star qualities. It can happen that you hear in the shop:“Sorry, last one of the series just got delivered to Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant yesterday“.

Rockmount are doing a lot of things right: The shirts are not just a laid-back fashion statement, the shirts in our collection are all „Made in the USA“. That is possibly not the way to get rich quick, but follows Rockmount's simple company policy: If you offer an American looking product, you should make it in America. Fabrication being just round the corner also helps to be quicker when developing new models for the market. That's two more reasons for us to add Rockmount shirts to our catalog. For the moment we picked just a small selection of the many styles on offer, but there'll be more. Let’s be honest: Who can say no to shirts whose originator kept working on them until the ripe old age of 107, just because he loved it so much?

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Products by Rockmount in our web shop:

Rockmount Paisley Shirts
Rockmount Paisley Shirts
Not for the faint hearted, a Paisley shirt is the fashion equivalent of a kick start only Harley: You have to really want it.
It’s clear however that the dudes at Rockmount know what they’re doing. The relaxed cut, the double seams, the iconic „Diamond Snap“ snap fasteners, the sawtooth pockets, the 100% cotton, the machine washable-ness. And because it says „Rockmount“ on the label, it means they’re made in the U.S.A.
Even though “Papa” Jack Weil was having the cowboy and rancher next door in mind when he designed his shirts, they were so novel and laid back that the name Rockmount and the quality that came with it became known quickly outside the West. Country singers, pop stars and Hollywood icons didn’t have to think twice when they went for a piece of the endless Rockmount Ranch Wear Collection.
Rockmount shirts are made in the U.S.A.. That makes it easy for Papa Jack Weil’s family to regularly introduce new styles and models with the latest fabrics. We now have part of the vast Rockmount collection in our catalog. You can recognize them from their typical “Diamond Snap” snap fasteners, the sawtooth pockets and of course from the rock solid Rockmount Made in U.S.A. quality.
Oh yeah, paisley. A classic of patterned fabrics, favourite of the Summer of Love. Paisley is built up from semicolon-like „leaves“, arranged in the craziest patterns and colours. The pilgrimage of this pattern to the Rockmount collection is as full of unexpected twists and bends as your favourite Pacific Coast road. Initially devised in Persia, it made its way across India and the British Empire to the Scottish fabric making town of, wait for it: Paisley!
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