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Kidney Belts
NCCR Limited Cannonball Edition Riders Belts

NCCR Limited Cannonball Edition Riders Belts

Erwin "Cannonball" Baker, the legendary record rider after whom this belt is named, certainly would have cherished it. Studs and other ornaments all over the place just as bikers liked it in his days. The prism blue dot reflectors and the other smooth reflectors, originally called lynx eyes, are made from real glass. On the inside it features a hidden zipped pocket for valuables. Length measured without straps and buckles. Minimum adjustable length (1st hole in straps) = indicated length minus 10 cm.

Strictly limited production of fifty belts only.

  • leather, with red welts
  • width: 22.5 cm
  • Sweden

NCCR Riders Belts

At the beginning of the 20th century, when more and more young men (and some women) replaced their trusted steeds with motorcycles, nothing was more logic than to keep the riding wear, because it just perfectly served the new purpose. High shaft boots, gloves, breeches and wide leather bronc or kidney belts. The latter had become popular in the US just a few years before when they replaced the cowboys’ outdated cartridge belt and they were the first articles to be customized by the early bikers with studs and jewels depicting the rider’s initials and/or ornaments. In the 1920ies the Motor Company and later various aftermarket suppliers like Buco began offering riders belts to motorcyclists and designs of this golden era provided the patterns for the W&W selection of NCCR riders belts.

These belts literally come from the Swedish woods, where they are hand-made in traditional craftsmanship. For the outside vegetable tanned, 2.5 mm cowhide is used that comes from Tärnsjö/Sweden. From the same leather (a little thinner) the leather applications are cut.

The welts are made from deerskin and for the inner lining NCCR uses finest, natural colour moose leather. All is mounted with stainless hardware. Only quality saddle threads are used and all stressed points are reinforced with rivets. The welts are waxed and the outer leather is oiled.

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