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Electric start kit by Cannonball, fits Knucklehead 1936, Big Twins 1937-1954, The Netherlands, gross weight: 21.08 kg

In his song "Panheads Forever" David Allen Coe writes: ”she’s hard to get started she’s always so cold..." and this line pretty well describes the mixed feelings which many owners of classic Big Twins get, when they look at their bikes. Yes, of course, we cherish and love our old scoots, but sometimes they are hard to kickstart and consequently are a pain - in the back, in the knee, or in the a@@. Understandably sooner or later the strange desire for an - ugh! - electric starter creeps over many a seasoned biker. But how to achieve this with an old rigid frame Harley? Well, here’s just what the doctor ordered.

The Cannonball electric start kit for rigid frame Big Twins converts your classic kickstart-only motorcycle to electric start. After installation you just push the button or turn the key and your old Flathead, Knucklehead or Panhead will roar to life instantly. Another good thing with the CB starter kit is that it is almost invisible. The overall appearance of the motorcycle does not change at all and from 2 meters away you will have a hard time to spot anything. Primary housing, oil tank, rear fender - all can be retained, although a bit modified. The transmission with its stock kickstarter stays untouched. The kit includes everything needed for the conversion except for the battery, wires and starter button/switch, which must be purchased separately. If the bike is still equipped with the early stock 6V charging system you will have to convert this to 12 V, which means a suitable generator, regulator, coil and lamps need to be fitted. Detailed, step-by-step instructions guide through the installation, which is straightforward but which should be left to an experienced mechanic with fully equipped workshop.

The kits are intended for the use with primary chain drive and differ mostly in the tensioner bracket for the same. With the version for Knucklehead, Flathead and Panhead 1936-1954 it bolts to the front transmission mount and with the version for Panhead 1955-1957 (with Timken bearing on the sprocket shaft) it bolts to the engine case.

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W&W recommends the use of Antigravity 12-cell or 16-cell batteries. These have enough power and perfectly fit the provided tray and clamp.
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