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Throttle Cables for Throttle Grip Sets 1996→ with S&S Super E and G

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Ferrule Types on Lower End of the Spiral Coils

Ferrule Types on Lower End of the Spiral Coils

Barnett manufactures throttle and idle cables for HD models of 1974 until mid 2000 with Type 1 lower end ferrules. The transition from carburetor to EFI models is fluid. Some early EFI models still have Type 1 and some later carburetor models already have Type 2/3. At any rate, all models 2007-up feature Type 2/3.

Although the three variants of Type 1 appear different, they are technically the same. The respective ferrules are .40“ (10,2 mm) long with a (nearly) identical Ø. Only braided steel cables are upgraded with stepped and chromed ferrules. In addition, throttle cables are marked here with a circumferential groove.

Type 2 and 3 ferrules for throttle and idle cables feature differentt Øs and increased lengths for a better bracket fit on later Harleys.

For specific configuration of the respective article, see product details and/or chart.

Barnett Cables

Since 1949 Barnett control cables are manufactured in the USA and when it comes to quality and craftsmanship they range among the best that money can buy.

For easy pull and smooth operation the casings feature an inner liner made from PTFE (clutch cables) or nylon/HDPE (others).