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Hot Set Up kit by S&S

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The economical route to a large displacement motor. The 96cui. (= 1560 ccm) Hot Set Up Kits are built around the popular 3-5/8” bore Sidewinder kit that is combined with 4-5/8” stroker flywheels. This will not give you the biggest engine around or the one with the highest output, but the kits allow you to build an engine, based on bored-out stock cases, which has plenty of horsepower AND reliability. A powerplant for the long vacation trip that still does a very good job at occasional drag strip visits. All components are carefully thought out and combined by S&S for proven performance results.

Kits include:

  • 4-5/8” stroker flywheels
  • 3-5/8” bore cylinders with pistons
  • Super E carburetor (exc. WW#63-847)
  • S&S 585 cam
  • .640” valve springs and collars
  • pushrods
  • top-end gaskets
  • necessary hardware and instrucions

With stock heads these kits yield a compression ratio of 9.75:1. Stock rocker boxes, gear cover, ignition system and exhaust may be reused. However, for maximum output we strongly recommend aftermarket ignition and exhaust systems. Choose from kits with natural (as cast) aluminum or black painted cylinders.

Original engine cases require a boring operation to accept the larger bore cylinders.

Installation requires kit WW 61-705.

  • fits Evo Big Twin EFI 1995-1999
  • with black cylinders
  • stroke: 4-5/8 ”
  • nominal bore: 3-5/8 ”
  • compression: 9.75:1
  • cam: 585
  • USA
  • NOTE: EFI system components like throttle body, manifold, ECM, etc. are not included and must be purchased separately where required.

Original engine cases require a boring operation to accept the larger bore cylinders.

Installation requires kit WW 61-705.

S&S Power Kits

Since the first V-twin rolled out of Milwaukee there were people who thought about increasing the displacement in their search for more horsepower and since 1958 there´s none who does this better than S&S. Stroker flywheel assemblies and big bore cylinders, installed as separate components or in combinations allow to achieve various displacement increases. Depending on your personal needs and preferences choose from different kits for increases up to 116 cubic inches. The performance of S&S components has been proven in thousands of engines on the open highways as well as on the race tracks of the world and the brand name is synonymous for highest quality in material and guaranteed positive horsepower results.
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