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Engine »V113 Long Block Evo Style« by S&S

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Probably the most potent performance engine S&S has ever offered that is still well-suited for touring and all-around street use. 4” bore with a stroke of 4-1/2” stretch displacement to impressive 113 cubic inches but because the Super Sidewinder is slightly shorter than a stock V2 Big Twin frame fit isn´t a concern. Special crankcases provide a rigid foundation which is virtually bulletproof and to increase stability the big-bore aluminum cylinders are stress relieved before final machining. Cylinder heads are a single-plug design and feature high turbulence combustion chambers that eliminate the need for a second spark plug. To guarantee constant and sufficient oil supply S&S installs an HVHP oil pump (High Volume High Pressure), especially developed for high end motors. Electric compression release valves are installed to help the starter systems with reduced cylinder pressure. If you´re looking for true high performance in a streetable package, this is the place to stop. The Super Sidewinder engines offered here are completely assembled by S&S technicians and ready-to-install.

  • with IST ignition system
  • polished
  • alternator style
  • stroke: 4-1/2 ”
  • nominal bore: 4 ”
  • 113 in³
  • compression: 10:1
  • cam: 547
  • gross weight: 76.4 kg

S&S Engines

Ask American V-Twin enthusiasts to name one manufacturer of high performance engines, and nine times out of ten they‘ll say S&S! And you gotta‘ wonder about the one guy who didn’t. S&S is the largest manufacturer of engines for the V-Twin high performance aftermarket. S&S engines power more custom V-Twins than anyone else‘s, and they have always been popular as a high performance upgrade in stock motorcycles. What could be simpler? Take your old engine out, and put a new S&S engine in. It’s just that simple, and you have a sleeper hog that will run the wheels off the competition. The reason that S&S engines are so popular can be summed up in two words: „Proven Performance“.

Everybody knows that S&S engines make a lot of power. What you may not be aware of is that because of our innovative designs and premium materials, they last a lot longer than you might think was possible for a high performance engine. Let‘s face it, the stroker engines of the late 1960‘s and early 1970‘s were pretty crude by today’s standards, and they gave high performance motors a bad reputation as far as engine life is concerned. But keep in mind that the high performance industry has come a long way in the last 50 years or so, and S&S has been a leader in the quest not only for more power, but also for greater dependability and improved engine life. So if you could double your horsepower and still get near stock engine life, wouldn’t that be a fair trade off? Judging from the number of large displacement S&S engines on the street, the answer seems to be „Yes!“.

Buying an assembled engine from S&S is the surest way to get S&S quality from start to finish. S&S parts and S&S expert assembly! But how do you know for sure that the engine you have was really assembled by S&S, and how do you know that all the parts in it are S&S? The answer is simple. All complete engines assembled by S&S in Viola, WI, USA come with a certificate of authenticity that lets you and your customer know that they have the real deal. Buyer beware of any engine that does not come with a certificate of authenticity!
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