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Hilleberg Tent Staika

Hilleberg Tent Staika

The Land Rover among all tents, perfectly suited for trips with short-term stays. The Hilleberg Staika is a supremely strong, simple – and fully free standing – dome tent which provides shelter for two persons and that is well-suited for any adventure. Pitching requires no pegs and you can relocate the tent even when it is fully erected. Two entrances and two vestibules afford tremendous convenience, flexibility and comfort. Not a super lightweight but extermely rugged and dependable.

Tech specs:

  • packing size: 55 cm x Ø 22 cm
  • outer tent: Kerlon 1800
  • w.c.: 3.000 mm
  • inner tent: 100% Nylon (Ripstop)
  • ground sheet: 100% Nylon PU
  • w.c.: 7.000 mm

  • net weight: 3600 g
  • Europe

Hilleberg Tents and Tarps

Motorcycle adventurers have very specific concerns with regard to shelter from the elements under various conditions. Safety, handling, weight, comfort, versatility and longevity as the most important criteria come to mind and at the same time make it very difficult to choose a fitting product from the admittedly huge market. The Wrecking Crew literally went a long way to select a brand that it would recommend unreservedly to customers of W&W Cycles. During various trips - some of them very demanding - various tents of different manufacturers were tested and after many years of trying and testing one name crystalized: Hilleberg.

When choosing a Hilleberg tent you do so because you love to be outdoors. You want to be able to go on all sorts of trips in various environments and seasons without having to worry about function and durability of your gear. 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing equipment find expression in the company´s versatile and reliable tents. In the course of all these years Hilleberg tents have received a large amount of awards and prizes from trade press and through consumer votes for our quality and innovative ideas.

According to the rule "different tents for different gents" the selection includes two types of tents and a tarp which allows for the choice of a shelter that suits the individual needs.

Tunnel tents

These tents combine durability, ease of handling, space and ergonomic details. For many years they have been the choice of professional adventurers who appreciate reliability on all levels and well-being in all weathers. They provide spacious interiors with full sitting height in most of the inner tent thanks to the tunnel design with near-vertical side walls. Legendary stability, the wellproven solutions and the operational comfort made the tunnel tents the preferred shelters with these demanding consumers. Made for long treks with heavy wear and tear and a high frequency of pitching and taking down, they are standing out in their speed and simplicity of handling. The already spacious vestibules can be made even bigger by detaching part of the inner tent during the day, thus creating roomy quarters for taking a meal in a group, a game of cards or studying the map, making use of the full height of the outer tent alone.

Dome tents

Particularly when pitched in places with high winds a dome tent is a good choice and the self-supporting construction can be of an advantage where it is difficult to get pegs into the ground, as in rocky areas.

The outer tent goes all the way to the ground, emphasizing their suitability for serious weather use. Inner and outer tents can be pitched by themselves – the inner works fine on trips in warm but insect-infested surroundings or when just the outer tent is called for as an uncomplicated shelter for a larger group at lunch time.


A tarp provides essential weather protection at an incredibly low weight but still allows you to feel fully “outdoors.” Indeed, there are lots who prefer tarp camping, in all weather conditions, precisely because of that feeling. And how much of that “feeling” you indulge in is up to you, since our tarp’s “shape” is limited only by imagination and pitching materials. A tarp can also add a new dimension to tent camping: Pitch a tarp over the tent’s entrance, and you have a breezy patio, or build a tarp kitchen away from your campsite for greater safety in bear country.
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Hilleberg Tent Staika
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