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for 4-Speed Big Twin →1984
Cannonball WR Style Gas Tanks

Cannonball WR Style Gas Tanks

Racing style gas tanks for Big Twins shaped after the legendary WR model tanks of the late forties and early fifties. The beautiful narrow design and excellent European craftsmanship really stand out in the crowd. Each set is completely handmade by experts. Unlike the original WR pattern these tanks are supposed to contain gas in both halves.

To avoid an unsightly gap between engine and gas tanks our WR Style tanks are model specific and sit close to the motor which looks purpose-built instead of universal.

Gas tanks by The Cyclery for IOE models and early Flatheads from Harley-Davidson are still manufactured as they used to do it 100 years ago - most components, of which they are assembled, are soft soldered. This method worked back then and still works today, however, you cannot compare this technique with welding methods applied in the production of modern gas tanks.

To avoid problems after finally bringing the gas tanks into service, the following points must be observed BEFORE painting and final installation:

  • Conduct a probationary installation of both tank halves and make sure that they rest stress-free on the frame. See the W&W selection of spacers and shims. Test fit petcocks and fuel/oil lines, too..

  • Fill all gas and oil compartments with gas. Ideally let the motorcycle sit for 2 seeks with all tanks full. Any potential leaks are reliably detected this way. If everything is in good order, remove and empty the tanks.

  • After drying, at least both fuel tank compartments should be coated inside with a suitable tank interior paint, which is also available from W&W. Pores and gaps inside are filled and the long-term tightness is significantly increased. In addition, it reliably protects against corrosion.

  • steel
  • required gas cap: cam-style 1955-1982
  • required petcock: 3/8” NPT
  • Europe

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