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Corona Info - plus Brexit, Tax and all the rest

Corona Info - plus Brexit, Tax and all the rest

CORONA Update 11.01.2021

Due to the continued lockdown our showroom will stay closed for the moment. The good news is, our sales, service, shipping and packing departments are working at full throttle as usual. Thank you for your understanding. The W&W Crew.

BREXIT Update 7.1.2021


WE KEEP YOU WRENCHING! We just sent off the first of our guinea pig test shippings to the UK. It’s still rocky going, but we just carry on to keep you wrenching.

Our software has been updated to reflect the Brexit related changes so far. As soon as we’re ready to roll again, we’ll let you know and reopen your UK accounts for regular business at wwag.com

TAX Update 30.12.2020 16:00 GMT

Apart from the Brexit trouble we’re busy fixing in our accounts and book keeping system, we’re back up to the old pre Corona 19% VAT here in Germany from January 1st 2021. For technical reasons we had to stop processing orders with the 16% VAT rate a day-and-a-half early on December 30 2020 at 16:00 GMT. All orders that arrived here since then will be processed with the 19% VAT rate.

TAX Update 18.06.2020

To get the economy revving up again, German VAT will be lowered for the next 6 months from 19% to 16%, and from 7% to 5% for books respectively, starting 1 July. YEE-HAW! OK, for the next half year anyway. Then it's WHOAA! again, back up from 16% to the old 19% and from 5% to 7%. Likely.
Still, we will be passing this on directly to you. To make this possible we have already started to set up our webshop to reflect the new tax rates. It is possible that in some cases the old rate is shown when ordering, paying or on invoices. Or that we are unable to switch from old to new rates and back without delay for technical or logistical reasons. We apologize, should this happen. Just give us a shout and we will manually get you the new, lower tax rate. Reminds us all that a biker’s work is never done. As well as that never-ending hurdle race around tax rules, old and new."

CORONA Update 29.05.2020

Reducing the risk.
Distancing and face masks help to reduce the risk of contagion. Another way is the use of UV-C emitting (and virus "killing") light sources, in more normal times employed in hygiene sensitive areas. We have installed now NIX 30-2 germicidal air sterilizers to further reduce potential viral contamination in our incoming goods and packing / shipping departments."

CORONA Update 06.05.2020

Reopening our showroom for prior appointments only.
To safeguard our crew and our customers our showroom will remain closed for the time being. However, you can now arrange a personal appointment with our service team.
At the time of your appointment you will be the only customer, and you’ll have the undivided attention of our crew :)
If you let us know about specific issues, we’ll try to have the crew member on hand who’s best able to sort out your problem. Arrange a time slot by calling +49 931 2506116 or mailing service@wwag.com."

CORONA Update 27.04.2020

Our Showroom will remain closed to the public for the time being. For all those who are used to pick up their parts here that‘s perhaps impractical, but we hope for your understanding: as usual, our packing and shipping departments are working full throttle.

Update 04.04.2020

Backfiring telephones
Our phone operators had no trouble switching to working from their homes, our telephone system did though. Occasionally it can’t figure out which free operator to connect with an incoming call, and decides to do nothing at all. We’re all here, manning the phones: if you can’t get through, please send a quick e-mail to service@wwag.com giving your phone number. We’ll call you back as soon as possible.

Update 01 April 2020

Today we usually publish our yearly first of April prank. In respect to all victims of Covid-19 we decided that it is not he right time for jokes. We will surprise you on occasion but first we need to win this war.Stay save."

Update 30.03.2020

Shutdown in Spain.
Beginning today our Spanish branch office W&W Cycles S.L. will be closed until April, 30th, 2020. We will monitor the situation closely and will reopen as soon as possible. Here in Spain only critical manufacturers and suppliers are allowed to work to avoid contagion between colleagues. Would not have been really necessary with us, we had already set up preventive measures far beyond what is legally required, but of course we respect and support every measure that helps to contain the pandemic.

However, our team in the Headquarters in Germany will continue to do their best to supply everything our customers may need to keep their Milwaukee Tractors going in these trying times and to be in the wind again soon.

Update 25.3.2020

We're keeping our Distance!
Which means, our packing dept can’t go full throttle, because minimum distances between people must be kept and the workstations cannot be moved apart easily. This may cause minor delays. If your order is deadline-sensitive, order early to be safe.

Update 18.3.2020

Our sales people and phone operators are now working from their homes. Calls will automatically be redirected to their home offices, which may take a second or so longer than usual."

Corona Info 15.03.2020

The warehousing, packing and shipping

departments are well equipped to meet the current necessary hygiene rules. Cleaning routines have been reviewed and beefed up where necessary. Everyone at W&W has been briefed on the situation. Our staff do their best to keep fulfilling your orders as fast as possible.

Anything else?

Like everyone else, we can only take it one day at a time. And that‘s where we stand:

We take Corona as seriously as

a Harley engine making strange noises (if you don‘t take care of it immediately, it will only get worse) and organise ourselves internally according to the recommended rules of conduct so that we can process and ship the incoming orders with the usual speed.

Our shelves

are well filled, as always you can check in real time what‘s there.

Our Service Team

can be reached as always at sales@wwag.com and by phone at +49 931 250 6116 - except that your favourite salesman might not be there that day.

Our shipping continues

as usual - what happens to the parcels after they have left our house is (as usual) not in our hands. It is quite possible that the transport chains do not run as smoothly as usual.

The showroom will be closed

to the public for the time being. For all those who are used to pick up their parts here that‘s perhaps impractical, but we hope for your understanding: as usual, our packing and shipping departments are working full throttle.

The good news

about the whole thing: wrenching is best done alone anyway. And when riding a motorcycle - even in a group - it‘s no problem to keep the virological minimum distance. In this respect: stay safe, have a happy wrenching time and a good ride!""