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2019 - Helter Skelter, Franconia, D
Bambi's Nightmare

2019 - Helter Skelter, Franconia, D

This was one of the afternoons that leave a hint of Milwaukee iron in the famous Würzburg area wines, together with a decidedly rubbery aftertaste on the palate. The way to the "Helter Skelter" Custom Show Pre Party went through well hung vineyards, as it did last time around. The first wave of tastefully modified sleds coming from Hannover and Fulda missed, as is now the tradition, the right exit to the grounds, while the guys from headquarters had painstakingly planned the route, but still needed 2 hours for the 30 kilometers :)

At long last some 60 machines

were parked in the secluded spot, and the Heltering and Skeltering commenced between blazing barbecue, glistening beer coolers and groups of old and new friends. After a while the inevitable nightfall came. Everybody who had been there last year still had the acoustic cubic inch Vroom-a-vratt-a-thon in his or her ear, and before you could say "big bore kit" another tradition was born. All engines got kicked to life simultaneously when the sun had sunk low enough behind the horizon. A vibrationary moment. Reports of trees shedding all their leaves or doe eyed deer climbing those same trees are decidedly untrue.

And when the engine is already running,

and the oil is percolating gently through all those oil lines, filters, oil tanks and so on, why not go for a little burnouting – a thought that, once there, was hard to shake for many. With fierce resolve and a steadfast will to destroy many of the rear tires present were separated from their tread. Even a Panhead sidehack was going along up to third gear. A Goldwing driver was not to be outdone and fried his rear rubber down to the bare casing.

We assume that the rubbery fumes will have dissipated till next year and the local fauna will have the good sense to go to the Rhön mountains for the weekend.

Before we forget: Thanks to Bernd (W&W Gladbeck) for those neat stickers and welcome banner.